Installing Rhino on mac

August 11, 2010


From Rhino : Rhino is an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java. It is typically embedded into Java applications to provide scripting to end users. Rhino is an implementation of JavaScript in Java. Features include full implementation of JavaScript 1.7 and allows direct scripting of Java and more… There are some good frameworks […]

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Java Servlet Specification 3.0 – Overview and Quick Intro

August 9, 2010


Java Servlet Technology which is the widely accepted technology for creating dynamic java web applications and which is behind all the modern java web frameworks. This major release tries to address the most wanted featues from the community as a JSR and is approved in the form of JSR 315 and is planned to be […]

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Partial mocking of objects using easymock classextensions

September 11, 2008


Ocassionally, some of your methods in your classes need to call some other public methods in the same class to get the job done. But when writing unit tests for the calling methods, you want to keep your tests isolated from the calls to other public methods. I encountered such a scenario recently and found […]

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Pagination in rails using will_paginate

September 6, 2008


Pagination is a technique of presenting large amount of data on the UI, allowing the users to navigate between pages/data in an easy way.Being a java developer for so many years, I remember doing dirty logic to achieve pagination to using some very useful and advanced tag libraries like displaytag. What ever may be the […]

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Developing web services using Spring ws and JAXB marshaller

August 25, 2008


Spring web services a product of spring community, helps in developing web services using contract first web services and helps in manipulating the xml in many ways. In this tutorial I am about to show a step by step guide in developing spring web services using JAXB as mashalling technology. You can download spring, spring […]

Testing Spring applications with jUnit 4 and Easy Mock

August 24, 2008


Unit tests help us make sure that the unit chunks of code being developed are correct. Unit test helps find bugs in the early stages of software development. Java unit testing frameworks like jUnit, TestNG with some other pretty frameworks like easy mock and easy mock class extensions help us test individual classes with mocking […]

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Spring Security – Using custom Authentication Processing Filter

August 23, 2008


Recently I got a chance working with Spring security, formerly known as Acegi Security for spring. While working with the framework, I heard comments from friends and colleagues saying that spring security lacks proper documentation. So thought of sharing a little knowledge. By the way, this is first ever blog posting and kindly excuse me […]